Bill Gates Business Associates Reach Combined $365 Million Settlement with Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims

On Thursday, a federal judge approved the settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by the victims of Jeffrey Epstein against JPMorgan Chase, totaling $365 million. This includes an additional $75 million that JPMorgan has agreed to pay to settle another lawsuit relating to its banking relationship with Epstein.

The suits revealed that JPMorgan facilitated approximately $1 billion in transfers for Epstein which the bank admitted were “human trafficking” related. Gates’s contacts with Epstein began around 2011 when he partnered with JPMorgan to create a global health investment fund.

Gates flew aboard Epstein’s private jet and visited his home on at least three occasions despite his conviction for solicitation of a minor.

Last year, several of Epstein’s victims and the U.S. Virgin Islands filed suit against JPMorgan accusing the bank of enabling illegal activities carried out by him and his network.

To avoid going to trial, JPMorgan agreed to pay $290 million to Epstein’s victims and $75 million to the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing the combined total to $365 million for these settlements.

In March 2023, JPMorgan sued Staley—its former chief of investment banking—claiming that he should pay “the entire amount” for these costs due to his alleged involvement in sexual assault against an anonymous victim with permission from Epstein himself.

On May 5, 2010, James “Jes” Staley, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s investment bank, spoke at the Bloomberg Markets Global Hedge Fund and Investor Summit in New York City.

Recently, following revelations that JPMorgan executives ignored “numerous warning signs” to keep Jeffrey Epstein as a client, the bank settled with Staley for an undisclosed amount and avoided going to trial.

Although he maintains that he had no knowledge of or involvement in any of Epstein’s crimes, a photo obtained by The New York Times shows Staley flanked by Boris Nikolic—the advisor for Bill Gates’ foundation—in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011.

This was around the same time that Gates and JPMorgan partnered together to launch their global health investment business.

In this photo obtained by the New York Times of a gathering at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011, James E. Staley, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Jeffrey Epstein, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Boris Nikolic – who was a science adviser for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – are seen from left to right.

After Epstein was charged with child sex trafficking in July 2019 and his subsequent death in prison under mysterious circumstances that same month, Nikolic declined the role of executor for Epstein’s estate which had previously been appointed to him by Gates.

On July 21, 2012, Bill Gates and Boris Nikolic attended Together To End AIDS: An Evening To Benefit amfAR and GBCHealth at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images).

While there has been speculation that Jeffrey Epstein may have had a “client list”, to date this has not been confirmed.

However, JPMorgan did admit that $1 billion of “human trafficking” transfers were linked to Epstein, which could provide insight into the names and accounts associated with these transactions.

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