Welcome to Crown of Country, the official apparel line curated by Lindsey Graham, the Patriot Barbie. Lindsey’s all-American luxury apparel is designed by patriots, for patriots. The vibe is a little bit rock and roll and a whole lot of all-American edge. Inspired by her love for America and her heart for Jesus, each piece is sure to trigger the woke mob – they literally cannot handle all that patriotic pride. 

Be sure to tag @crownofcountry on social media for your chance to win free apparel and discount codes! We can’t wait to see you rocking our Crown of Country merch like a proud patriot. 



The Patriot Barbie has teamed up with American Woman Beauty for a revolutionary beauty brand collab. The self-acclaimed rebels of the cosmetics industry, American Woman Beauty goes against societal norms and supports the Free Thinking Woman.

The American Woman Beauty x Patriot Barbie product line is made in the USA by American small business manufacturers. Lots of love and care has gone in to making each distinctively American product. Expect the highest quality cosmetics without any compromise!  

Check out Lindsey’s featured lip gloss line with colors like “Lioness” and “Pretty Little Patriot” – they’re sure to be your new go-to shades!



Wake up people! No literally, wake up! This coffee partnership between The Patriot Barbie and Crossed Sabers Coffee Co. is epic!!

CSC Co. is veteran-owned and operated by a former U.S. Army Cavalry Scout who drank the worst coffee in the world while deployed. CSC is the best quality, fresh roasted, specialty grade coffee in America. 

With every purchase, you help a Veteran Service Organization offering resources to those who have served, or are currently serving, in the U.S. military. From both of us to you: Thank you for your purchase and your support of veteran-owned businesses.



Lindsey Graham emerged as the ‘The Patriot Barbie’ following the COVID-19 lockdowns of summer 2020, and she’s sharing the personal story of her life-changing legal battle in the tell-all book, “TARGETED: One Mom’s Fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

In 2020 when COVID-19 struck the nation, Lindsey Graham was the owner of the highly successful Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon. When the state of Oregon bashed business owners with unprecedented lockdowns and mandates, Graham and Glamour Salon became a pivotal player at the center of the argument against these unconstitutional measures. Her name and face were splashed all over major media outlet headlines, and her defiance sparked a national conversation about the rights of business owners in the face of egregious government overreach in the midst of the COVID-19 government produced chaos. 

This is her story – purchase your copy today. Autographed copies available, as well!



Wear your heart on your sleeve with Lindsey’s lineup of patriotic accessories and unabashedly conservative stickers.