Woman arrested for hate crime for telling HUGE dude to get out of the woman’s bathroom

It is alarming to witness the left’s disregard for women and their willingness to allow cross-dressing men to live out their fantasies in public.

Recently, a video surfaced online of a Hispanic New York City MTA worker, Sonia Rivera, who was arrested and charged with a hate crime for confronting a transvestite man who was using the female employee bathroom at her place of work.

Ms. Rivera had been working at the Bronx bus depot when she discovered that her colleague ‘Nana’ Mangual, who identifies as female but was born biologically male, was showering in the female locker room.

Ms. Rivera then shouted through the door of the bathroom stall confronting Mangual about listening to music while showering and informed her (him) that she (he) needed to use the men’s restroom instead.

Unbeknownst to Rivera, Mangual had started recording her interaction on her phone before it got slapped from her hand by Rivera.

Mangual claims Rivera berated her(him) for listening to music in the shower before telling her(him) she(he) was in the wrong changing room. Mangual then filmed Rivera – who appeared to be adjusting her pants in the mirror before she realized she was on camera – slapping the phone from Mangual’s hand.

This guy seems like a real pro at running scams, and now he’s planning to take advantage of the twisted and “woke” US judicial system to make a fortune.

Mangual says she (he) has been unable to return to work since the alleged assault claiming how she (he) suffers from PTSD following the altercation. She (he) is also accusing the MTA of trying to fire her(him) from her (his) position and refusing to approve workers compensation leave.

The poor woman has been hit with hate crime charges and was promptly arrested following the incident — all because she didn’t want to share a bathroom with a man.

The idea that someone can be arrested for simply standing up for their rights is utterly absurd and deeply concerning as it goes directly against our constitutional rights as citizens of America, however, what makes matters worse is that this incident has been used by some individuals with ulterior motives such as trying to make money via exploiting our legal system or taking advantage of “woke” culture – making it even harder for genuine cases such as these get heard without having prejudice attached towards them by society at large.


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