Pro-Trans Protesters Assault Riley Gaines and Other Women’s Right’s Activists

Riley Gaines and other women’s rights activists were met with aggression when they joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame in Denton for a ceremonial signing of the “Save Women’s Sports Act.”

According to Fox News, radical pro-trans protesters who had gathered there began throwing items, hitting, and even spitting on those in attendance.

Innocent children were not spared from this despicable treatment. Independent Women’s Network’s Austin chapter leader Michelle Evans recounted her experience in detail with Fox News after the event ended.

She revealed that she was assaulted by the protesters when she left the building, describing them as “rabid.”

It was, I guess the best word to describe them was they were rabid.

When I turned around to go back inside of the building, that’s when somebody threw water on me. Somebody told me they know where I f***ing live. There was somebody that got in front of me to try to physically block me from going back inside and pu

shed her body up against mine. Somebody hit my arm, and then someone, a woman in a pink ski mask and sunglasses, spit into my open eye.

The video below confirms her account. You can also hear members of the crowd shout “Trans rights are human rights! We know where you f***ing live!, and holding up signs such as “Get outta my panties.”

Evans says she will be pressing charges.

The Independent Women’s Voice also shared footage showing children as young as five years old being subjected to harassment and profanities by unruly protestors. Evans commented on this deplorable behaviour with gravity, noting its severity.

As they were being walked out by their mothers, and there was a police officer in front and in back of them, the protesters were getting in the kids’ faces and screaming and harassing them, frightening them. It was out of control.


Lee University volleyball player Macy Petty, who was also in attendance, also said she and other activists were spat on.

Gaines confirmed the alleged assaults by the ‘kindness’ group in an interview with Fox News while also commending the bill’s signing.

Even in the great state of Texas, protestors have tried to find a way to smear the celebration of Governor Abbott signing SB 15 which protects female collegiate athletics. But they can’t.

Today is a huge win and Gov. Abbott’s leadership is foundational and I’m hopeful more states will follow suit.

Bottles are being thrown, protestors are spitting in people’s faces, profanity is being yelled at children. Law enforcement has stepped in and provided protection.

Former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Paula Scanlan said she and her family were prevented from leaving while the crowd spat and yelled.

Governor Abbott responded following the event:

I wish that they could have peacefully heard what Paula and Riley had to say. Any reasonable person would agree. They should not have had to have gone through what they went through. Our goal is to make sure that what they went through is not going to be repeated again.

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