Pennsylvania Case Seeks to Deem ALL Food Not Made by Government to Be Illegal

It wasn’t too long ago when even many patriots and those who are generally skeptical of government thought it was an unhinged conspiracy theory that the powers-that-be would go after natural food.

Today, it’s quickly becoming a reality as attacks on our food supply ramp up.

The latest version of the government takeover of food is happening in Pennsylvania where Amos Miller is being attacked for supplying his friends and neighbors with fresh food. According to famed attorney Robert Barnes:

Miller is the Amish farmer who sells products like raw milk. This is a threat to the monopoly on what we digest that government and their cronies are trying to establish, so they’ve gone full-blown police state on him.

According to left-leaning Newsweek:

Representative Thomas Massie, who called the raid “shameful” last month, told Newsweek in a Wednesday statement, “It’s a shame that small farmers have been pushed into these situations by overbearing government regulatory agencies and lawmakers captured by corporations and monopolies.”

The Kentucky Republican continued: “I support all small farmers and consumers who wish to engage in voluntary transactions. It’s imperative that Congress take up my PRIME Act to ameliorate the plight of small farmers like Amos.” Massie’s bill seeks to exempt meat products from federal inspection after slaughter and preparation at a custom facility.

Donald Trump Jr. also weighed in on last month’s raid, writing in a post on X (formerly Twitter), “Imagine what law enforcement could accomplish if they went after oh I don’t know, say, members of elite pedophile rings rather than farmers selling to their neighbors??? Can I be the only person sick of this s***?”

He is scheduled to appear in court on February 29th. A GiveSendGo has raised over $240,000 so far.

Editor’s Note: It has never been more important for Americans to take control of their food security. It isn’t just the attacks by governments and multinational corporations. It’s all of that plus a multitude of attacks against farmers, ranchers, and anyone who believes in the food God has provided us.

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