Looking for a conservative motivational speaker or emcee for your next event? Lindsey Graham is a surefire crowd favorite, with a storyline that squarely resonates with patriotic American audiences. Her vibrant personality and spirited delivery leave audiences energized and emboldened. To inquire about public speaking engagements, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email management@patriotbarbie.com.

Lindsey Graham brings her fiercely conservative views to newscasts, podcasts, and radio. She speaks as an American woman and Republican pundit on patriotism, unconstitutional government mandates, second amendment rights, Christian faith, and more. She’s a shoo-in for provocative debate, and her unadulterated commentary will shamelessly call out any RINO – she’s not playing games. Use the contact form below to schedule a media appearance or email management@patriotbarbie.com.

Lindsey Graham is currently accepting sponsor applicants, as well as affiliate applicants. She is a well-connected influencer with a vast network of highly engaged conservative, Christian followers. If you’re interested in leveraging Lindsey’s network as a sponsor or an affiliate, use the form below to share a bit about your objectives and connect directly with Lindsey, or email management@patriotbarbie.com

Lindsey Graham absolutely loves engaging with her fellow patriots, fans, and followers. She’s always adding new public appearances to her schedule at events across the country, so be sure to follow her on all social media platforms for the latest happenings – she may be coming to an event near you! Do you have an event you think Lindsey should appear at? Use the form below to submit your suggestion or email management@patriotbarbie.com.

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If you're interested in booking Lindsey Graham for a public speaking engagement, scheduled event, media appearance, or are seeking sponsorship or affiliate opportunities, please fill out the contact form below and Lindsey's manager will be in touch. Thank you for your inquiry.


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