At Least 20 Americans Are Missing and 14 Killed in Israel Following Hamas Attacks, Biden Silent

The tragic news of the weekend has left many Americans reeling.

On Saturday, Hamas launched a series of attacks on Israel that resulted in the deaths of at least fourteen American citizens.

Over 20 more are still missing and remain unaccounted for.

Families across the United States have been given the heartbreaking news that their loved ones were among those killed in this senseless violence. As they struggle to come to terms with the tragedy, they deserve to have their fear acknowledged by leaders at home.

Unfortunately, yet, not surprisingly, President Joe Biden has yet to reach out to these families.

Via US News and World Report:

Twenty or more Americans are missing following Palestinian Islamist group Hamas’ attack on Israel over the weekend that left hundreds dead, U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday.

Sullivan said it was not known how many of those still missing are being held as hostages.

“We believe that there are 20 or more Americans who at this point are missing, but I want to underscore and stress that does not mean necessarily that there are 20 or more American hostages. Just that is the number who are currently unaccounted for,” Sullivan told reporters.