James O’Keefe Reveals Shocking Update on His Case Against FBI and New York Times After Raid of His Home (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, James O’Keefe provided an update on his case against the FBI and its possible involvement with the New York Times.

In November 2021, O’Keefe’s home in New York was raided by FBI agents, raising concerns over potential violations of First Amendment rights and press freedom.

This incident follows the October 2020 burglary of Ashley Biden’s home during which her diary was among several items stolen. Although Project Veritas did not publish any pages of the diary, another conservative site did.

The FBI has used this as a justification for raiding O’Keefe’s home and allegedly intimidating him.

It is likely that they informed the New York Times about the raid prior to its execution.

Five days after the FBI conducted a raid on James O’Keefe’s home, The New York Times released a report containing several confidential documents from Project Veritas. It appears that Chris Wray’s FBI was able to quickly distribute these documents to their associates at the NY Times.


The conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information regarding communications between the New York Times and the FBI. The federal judge denied this request in support of both the FBI and the New York Times, while also expressing criticism towards James O’Keefe.

Watch the full update by James O’Keefe here:

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